4.1 Changes, Spirit Link Math/4.2 Quandaries

It’s been a very busy week at work >_< and between home life and raiding, not much free time was had this week for posting. Sorry!

So yesterday… I missed a bunch of really important news flying around the WoW community. Blizzard updated the PTR 4.1 patch notes, as well as announced some major changes with how they plan to update the game we all love and enjoy.

Let’s lead off with the Shaman changes on the PTR, Source:

  • Restoration
    • Deep Healing now benefits all heals, not just direct heals.
    • Spirit Link Totem (new talent) reduces damage taken by all party and raid members within 10 yards by 10%. This lasts 6 seconds, and every second it is active the health of all affected players is redistributed among them, such that each player ends up with the same percentage of their maximum health. This counts as an Air totem and has a 3-minute cooldown.
  • Well I thought it might happen, but it looks now like our Deep Healing (mastery) will affect all of our heals instead of just the direct heals.  This will be a very welcome change intended to help boost our Healing by just a little more.

    Hopefully now Mastery will work for Healing Stream Totem, Riptide HoT, Earthliving, and Earth Shield. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, specifically if the HoT’s or ES heals will recalculate each time based on current health, or if it will calculate how much mastery bonus goes into the spell at the time of casting. This was originally the problem with druid mastery way back on in the Beta; their hots would become more powerful the lower a person’s health happened to be. 

    The original druid mastery was problematic for a very specific reason, Blizzard could not, at the time, program the mastery in such a way that every time the HoT ticked it would check the current health level of the target and apply the appropriate amount of bonus healing. So if someone was at low health when the HoT was applied, it would continue to heal a larger amount even if the target went back up to normal health leaves. Vice Versa if a hot was cast on a tank and then their health suddenly dropped it would not begin ticking for more health. While this was not the sole factor for the druid mastery change later in the beta, it certainly was one of the factors weighed.

    I’m more inclined to believe that each time a Riptide HoT, Earthliving HoT, ES Heal, or HST tick occurs it will recheck. Why do I believe this? Simply put I’m being optimistic in the sense that I hope it will work for all our spells, including things like our Healing Stream Totem, and that blizzard has since fixed the problem regarding HoT’s working with this type of mastery which is why they are including it. Considering the fact that we realized recently that Chain Heal does not double dip due to Blizzard ingenuity, I’m confident that this scenario can come to pass.

    Now let’s head onto something I was quite happy to see, a Resto Shaman Cooldown.

    Spirit Link Totem (new talent) reduces damage taken by all party and raid members within 10 yards by 10%. This lasts 6 seconds, and every second it is active the health of all affected players is redistributed among them, such that each player ends up with the same percentage of their maximum health. This counts as an Air totem and has a 3-minute cooldown.

    I actually like the sound of this. It’s unique, it’s not in the game yet, and will provide some fun times with raiding. Well Blizzard did say they were going to try getting Spirit Link to us, in some respect they have with this new totem.

    When I look at this cooldown, I see the second ability of it first. Every second everyone who is within range of the totem will have their health adjusted so that percentages roughly equal out. That kind of sounds confusing so here’s my math stab at what it might mean (Disclaimer: This is my opinion not how it may actually work)

    Say you have a tank who is at full health, 200k. You also have 3 melee dps each with a maximum health pool of say 115k. Now currently the tank is at about 50% health and the melee dps are at 20% health… that means

    Melee 1 = 115,000/115,000 = 100%
    Melee 2 = 115,000/115,000 = 100%
    Melee 3 = 115,000/115,000 = 100%
    Tank = 100,000/200,000 = 50%

    Now the totem is worded thusly, every second it is active the health of all affected players is redistributed among them, such that each player ends up with the same percentage of their maximum health, which should mean that the game should do the following.

    Total Health in Pool = 115,000 * 3 + 100,000 = 445,000
    Melee Health = 1 hp per point
    Tank Health = 200,000/115,000 = 1.739 which rounds to 1.74

    For every one health point one of the melee dps gets, the tank has to get about 1.74 health points for the percentages to be equal. This is true if you look at the percentage of 1000 HP for the melee compared to 1740 HP for the tank.

    Melee: 1000/115,000 = 0.0086956521 which rounds to 0.0087
    Tank: 1740 / 200,000 = 0.0087

    So then, now that we know how much health each person gets per percentage point we can use that knowledge to napkin math-out how what the remainder of health per person should be if the totem works this way.

    The ratio is 1/1.74, which also means it could be 10 to 17.4 or 100 to 174, etc. So for every 50,000 health one melee gets, the tank gets 87,000 health.

    Melee 1 = 50,000/115,000 = 43.4782% rounds to 43.5%
    Melee 2 = 50,000/115,000 = 43.4782% rounds to 43.5%
    Melee 3 = 50,000/115,000 = 43.4782% rounds to 43.5%
    Tank = 87,000/200,000 = 43.5%
    Health Remaining in the Pool = 445,000 - ( (50,000*3) + 87,000)
    Health Remaining in the Pool = 445,000 - ( 150,000 + 87,000)
    Health Remaining in the Pool = 445,000 - 237,000
    Health Remaining in the Pool = 208,000

    Now, Every 10,000 one melee gets, the tank will get 17,400 health. So…

    Health Remaining in the Pool = 208,000
    10,000 per melee = 30,000 per subtraction
    17,400 for tank per subtraction
    47,400 per Subtraction
    208,000/47,400 = 4.388 round to the nearest whole number = 4
    Add 10,000 * 4 to each melee health pool
    Add 17,400 * 4 to tank health pool
    Melee 1 = 90,000/115,000 = 78.26% rounds to 78.3%
    Melee 2 = 90,000/115,000 = 78.26% rounds to 78.3%
    Melee 3 = 90,000/115,000 = 78.26% rounds to 78.3%
    Tank = 156,600/200,000 = 78.3%
    Total Heath Remaining in Pool = 208,000 - (4 * 47,400) = 18,400

    We’ve come this far, let’s see this problem one step further. Now we go a couple of tens digits down. For every 100 health a melee gets, the tank gets 174.

    Health Remaining in the Pool = 18,400
    100 per melee = 300 per subtraction
    174 for tank per subtraction
    474 per Subtraction
    18,400/474 = 38.818 round to the nearest whole number = 38
    Add 100 * 38 to each melee health pool
    Add 174 * 38 to tank health pool
    Melee 1 = 93,800/115,000 = 81.565% rounds to 81.6%
    Melee 2 = 93,800/115,000 = 81.565% rounds to 81.6%
    Melee 3 = 93,800/115,000 = 81.565% rounds to 81.6%
    Tank = 163,212/200,000 = 81.606% rounds to 81.6%
    Total Heath Remaining in Pool = 18,400 - (38 * 474) = 388

    After this point the math gets very… decimal-placey… so I neglected to finish the end of this. Though looking at the above, that isn’t a terribly bad trade-off. Yes it’s a lot of math and the rounding is sketchy (the percentages could be a little bit higher or lower depending on where they round in the math equation). Depending on the base blizzard uses for coding purposes (base 8, 16, 10 etc), how floating point math is handled, where rounding occurs, and if blizzard has programmed in the appropriate checks for some situations… well simply put the math is tricky and can be influenced by a number of different factors (definitely should PTR test to find the bugs).

    But from the wording of the totem this is personally how I think it will work. The three melee dps lost about 21k health and the tank gained about 63k health due to the percentages of their health not the total amount of health being shifted around.

    Just saying again, the way the totem is worded is thus… It sounds like it is based on percentages of health not actual HP numbers. There for there may be some gain of overall HP numbers or some loss of them, but it will never be a terribly large number in either direction. This is all my thoughts on how the totem should work based upon its current wording, not the end all product nor the way it may turn out to work once the update has hit the PTR.

    I also never even talked about the 10% damage reduction, currently that is just a little gravy on top. Regardless of the short duration and range, right now Spirit Link Totem sounds fairly awesome to me and I can’t wait to PTR test it and see it in action first hand.

    4.2 Discussion:

    Now then, onto the second bomb blizzard dropped on us. Patch 4.1 will not contain The Firelands raid instance, it will only contain the class changes, the couple of new dungeons, and maybe some new dailies. Patch 4.2 is officially where The Firelands will be introduced in-game.

    First off, Thank you Blizzard for this decision. I would personally rather wait until a raid instance is completely finished being thought out, before simply adding in new content. This is what happened with the Crusaders Coliseum, and even though I did not mind that raid… it was pretty bad compared to Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel.

    Now then, what does this mean exactly for the people of the WoW community? A return to how things were done in Vanilla WoW. More frequent and smaller content patches.

    It will also mean class changes will probably come more frequently, no more notion of, “well maybe I’ll get awesome in 5 months with the next patch…” If changes come more frequently, that should mean blizzard can look at classes and fiddle with them more often rather than waiting whole entire raid patches to do so.

    Raids will still be produced, we just won’t have a major content patch anymore that contains a new raid(s), new dungeon(s), new dailies, new areas, new quests. We will now have a patch that contains say new dailies and a new area, then later another one containing a new dungeon or two, then one with a raid in it. It will give the company time to make sure each raid is unique, challenging, and beautiful rather than hastily pushing out something new along with everything else… which I firmly believe is the right call.

    In Conclusion:

    The Mastery Change will be pretty cool. It will be nice having our HoT’s, ES, and other things benefiting from this stat now. Mastery will likely become just as important as Crit is now, haste will still unfortunately gets overlooked until the item levels are high enough where multiple extra ticks of our spells can be obtained.

    The addition of a cooldown is just awesome. While I’m sure it will change some over the course of PTR testing, bug finding, and bug fixing… the likelihood of them outright removing it is extremely low. By announcing this spells existence, it means the company has put enough work into the spell already and believe it is ready for further testing outside the developers. Come on guys, let’s test the heck out of it and make sure it’s 100% awesome for shaman come patch 4.1

    Finally, with regards to Blizzard’s decision on patch design and deployment, I am all for this design decision. Take more time to finish The Firelands Raid Blizzard, I’m expecting awesome things.

    Kudos to the designers for making this decision, take the time you need, give us something epic. This is correct choice.

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    9 Responses to 4.1 Changes, Spirit Link Math/4.2 Quandaries

    1. alacranmex says:

      You talked a little about HST being affected by Mastery with Deep Healing 4.1 I really hope it is. But currently, Healing Stream totem isn’t affected by other secondary stats such as crit and haste… makes me think maybe it won’t be included as one of our “heals”. QQ

      Pass me some of your optomism!

      • Laerith says:

        *passes along some optimism*

        As an optimistic realist, I firmly hope Healing Stream totem will be affected by the change. Realistically I don’t think it will though

    2. Ypp says:

      I share this sentiment.
      I hope all our heals will be affected by Deep Healing, Healing Stream Totem included, if only for the sake of consistency : having just one ability left out would feel really messy.
      However, this passive heal is always in my top 3 heals in Cata raids, so maybe it would be balance-breaking, were it buffed.
      For example, on Chimaeron, having 2 shamans with HST down might be enough to disregard completely the Caustic Slime mechanic. I do not see that happening:/

      • Laerith says:

        I’ve found my healing stream totem is generally in the top 3 of healing, but occasionally when my fellow raid healers are on the ball for covering people then sometimes it only counts for 10%

        Either way I don’t see it being game breaking on Chimaeron as HST only ticks for about 1200 for me, even if you stack mastery to 100% (not sure how much mastery rating that would actually take), the HST would only heal for 2400 every 2 seconds. So if someone was targetted twice in a row, it still would not be enough. For that reason I think it could actually happen where HST benefits from mastery, due to the low heal unless a shaman stacked mastery completely in favor of all other stats it will would only provide that much healing to your group.

        • Ypp says:

          Hmm, I think I was sleep-typing, I had forgotten HST was party-only… and that the 1400-1500 heal on myself was because of Spark of Life…
          So yeah, totally for mastery on HST ^^

    3. Ateve says:

      I was under the impression that the Druid Mastery was scrapped not because they couldn’t code it, but because if someone dropped low the other healers would bring him up and the HoT would only get a large buff from mastery on their first tick, the rest of the HoT wouldn’t be effected as you’ve been effectively sniped. Healing Rain currently recalculates it’s mastery bonus for every tick so the code is implemented in game for periodic heals.

      I also have no faith that HST will be scaling from mastery. HST (and Searing Totem from what I can tell) doesn’t scale with any secondary stats atm, so unless they do an adjustment of all our totems to get them scaling with something other than SP I doubt it will be effected.

      • Laerith says:

        It was only one factor, that was another reason why blizzard said they changed the druid mastery way back when. It could also have been because they just flat didn’t like it. The developers have placed into the game thus far masteries that are really good and really bad, so I personally think it was more to do with a coding issue over the fact that the mastery was effectively useless… otherwise they would have tried changing other ones as well I’d think.

        And yes you are correct that it doesn’t scale with any of our other stats, so while I hope they allow it to be affected by mastery I am not holding my breath. If they do allow it, I could see them changing them to work with crit and mastery only, not haste otherwise it would be the stat of choice just to get our totems working faster and faster. It’d be nice, and I don’t think it would be terribly broken, but I’m not expecting it just hoping for it:)

    4. Onebaddude says:

      I really hope that they are able to fix mastery, the increase in hps should be significant. I love the idea of spirit link, I can think of 100 uses for it. Good insight, good job writing it up.

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