A Look at Spirit Link Totem

So, I’ve been unable to get on the PTR due to the realm list not populating. Sadness… But I have been actively watching other shaman blogs and visited websites for news on our new Cooldown.

This is the first thing I’ve found on it, a graphic of what the totem looks like. It was a concern that when dropped the totem would have no graphic, thus making it impossible for people to know if they are bunched up enough. Well then let these two pictures dissuade said thoughts, as the totem has a unique graphic and it’s pretty noticeable if you are standing within the 10 yard radius.

According the poster of these pictures, here is the totem just getting dropped:

(( Pictures removed from hosted website ))


And a picture of it in full effect:


(( Pictures removed from hosted website ))

For those looking for some more things to ogle, here is a video I found of a goblin shaman dropping this totem. Here is a link to the video if you simply wish to go to youtube to view it. At work the video linked in the post is kind of choppy… so I wanted to include the link if it happens to anyone else.

Needless to say, my first reaction was to stare and smile happily. I am quite pleased that this totem has a unique graphic associated with it. It seems easy to distinguish if one is standing within the range (are you in the green circle ring thing?) and it feels shaman. Even though the green jets of smoke/steam seem a little… unnecessary, they probably are the first thing to go if spell particle effects are turned down. Besides the jets, I’ve no real complains about the way this looks.

Thus far I am happy with our totem. I can’t wait for those who are able to log onto the PTR to get some numbers out for analysis but I think my previous explanation of how it would work… is how it would work.

It’s green, it’s noticeable, and after seeing this in action 10 yards does not seem so small at all. Will be keeping updates on this totem coming as they are made known!

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6 Responses to A Look at Spirit Link Totem

  1. alacranmex says:

    Those are the screenies from MMO-Champion shaman forum? Latest I read at totemspot is that when you get health distributed to you, it counts as a heal and when it distributes away from you it counts as nature damage.

    I love the graphic and everyone can see it’s 10yd radius not diameter. The totem spell effect really screams “kill me” even though it will probably only be situationally useful in pvp.

    “I’ve been unable to get on the PTR due to the realm list not populating”
    I’ve heard of that happening to people who were on Beta test realm and the realms don’t populate because the client is searching for Beta realms. I think it was JesseCox who was able to get on PTR with a trial account when that happened to him.

    • Laerith says:

      They are indeed from the MMO-Champion Shaman forum. Also the notion of it healing or damaging will be very interresting to see when people review WoL parses.

      The general thought is that this is meant primarily for PvE, as apparently shaman are already very viable for pvp (I didn’t know this, as I don’t pvp).

      And yeah, that is what I’ve read up on for why I am unable to enter into the PTR. Due to this issue being present even when 4.0.6 was being tested on the PTR, I doubt it will get resolved until patch 4.2 hits the PTR. Then they might actually see a need to fix the situation due to the fact that a large number of beta testers were some of the top raiders in the world. If they can’t get on either, blizzard won’t have a proper testing pot for the new raid fights.

  2. Rhii says:

    Wow that spell effect looks awesome. I haven’t been able to get on the PTR and test drive it yet either, not because of technical reasons but because my RL has gone nuts this week. I hope to get in there in a day or two and see it first hand.

  3. Ypp says:

    This looks great !
    I just hope it wont be confusing on fights where there are already gusts of wind everywhere. Oh my, hello Al’Akir:)
    It was supposed to be a new talent, is its position on the talent tree already implemented on the PTR (ie does it replace Riptide or will we have to put another point in the resto tree ?)

    • Laerith says:

      It’s a new talent, and unfortunately right now it is tier five in the tree. We will have to spend an additional point in the tree if the current model goes through.

      • Ypp says:

        That means another mandatory point in the tree, unless you have a dual resto spec. That will really hurt those who like to go down the elemental tree for Elemental Precision…

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