Resto Guide

(( Note, still in the process of writing these up))

Here are a few homebrewed guides that will hopefully help upcoming shamans through the leveling process and at max level. I myself play a restoration shaman, and thus have the most expertise on.

RESTO SPELLS:  A nice little overview of the arsenal of spells restoration shamans have at their disposal. The spells are organized based on at what level a shaman will receive the spell in question. Some totems will be looked at here, as well as some utility spells.

TOTEMS:  A preview of all of the wonderous totems shamans get, as well as when to use them. Totems aren’t just for resto shamans, and depending on your group composition, a shaman of any variety could find themselves dropping different combinations of them.

TALENTS:  A discussion and look at talents in the Restoration tree for shamans, as well as in Enhancement and Elemental. Some talents are pretty easy to choose from, while others can be more of a personal choice.

STATS/GLYPHS/GEMS:  A look at which stats are best for us and why. This includes what you should reforge and when not to reforge. Glyphs and proper Gem choices will also be included in this section.

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